$25M/YEAR Moving Frozen LTL Freight: The Surprising Market SweepingTransportation

March 13, 2024
$25M/YEAR Moving Frozen LTL Freight: The Surprising Market SweepingTransportation

Synergy Logistics CEO Tim Ardam featured on the Truck n Hustle Podcast:

There is an area of transportation that is not discussed nearly enough. That is the frozen LTL segment of transportation. It is an essential part of our modern economy, and it is one part that has weathered the transportation downturn better than most.

Tough Economic Times

It needs to be very clear to anyone that doesn’t already know: The transportation industry is in a downturn right now. The entire segment has taken a hit but certain elements within the industry have fared better than others. In particular, the frozen LTL freight world has done much better than other parts of it.

The Synergy Logistics Way

Synergy Logistics has focused on this element of the market with roughly 90% or more of their work focused specifically on frozen trucks. They team up with incredible drivers who are owner-operators of these vehicles and want to take on the work.

In addition to this, Synergy Logistics also works as a brokerage to trade off loads that they don’t have the drivers to handle. This helps them to generate revenue even on the loads that they might not otherwise have been able to move.

Millions of Dollars Per Year in Revenue

Targeting a specific segment of the transportation market and focusing on perfecting it in ways that other companies aren’t doing has allowed Synergy Logistics to generate millions of dollars in revenue per year. In fact, they generated $25 million in revenue in their most recent year! That is a truly stunning number when you consider the challenging landscape of the transportation market at this time.

Ultimately, the success story that is Synergy Logistics is something that others will want to emulate. They have proven that they can make a lot of money even in the most challenging environments out there. That is something that makes a company like this truly stand out.