Tim Ardam

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Papana

Chief Operations Officer

Andrey Goldberg

Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl Stull

Director of Carrier Relations

Matt Buron

Director of Operations

Matt Szaradzinski

Logistics Manager

John Kapitanek

Dock Supervisor

Kristen Cain

Freight Visibility Specialist

Sotirios Soteropoulos

Accounting Manager


Timothy is our President & Chief Executive Officer and has been with Synergy Logistics since its inception. A first-generation American born of immigrant parents, Tim received his bachelor’s degree in management and marketing. Before starting Synergy, he worked as a transportation manager for Power Plate, Inc.


Chris is the Chief Operating Officer. He immigrated to the U.S. when he was 4-year-old. Chris’s early business passion was born from his tough, self-teaching philosophy. Chris excels in logistics, attention to detail and rugged resolve.


Andrey is the Chief Financial Officer. Andrey immigrated to the U.S. when he was 9 years old. He gained an abundance of business experience while working as a Project and Account Manager for a national rebranding solutions company. Andrey further expanded his business and leadership abilities by completing his MBA degree. He has been with Synergy for almost 10 years.

Cheryl Stull

Cheryl Stull began her trucking career in the early 1990s at Ryder Truck Rental in Braintree, MA, before moving on to Freeman Decorating, where she worked in the office and managed trade show logistics at the Boston WTC. From 2002 to 2012, she worked for MCST/Preferred in Massachusetts, coordinating LTL freight routes, shuttles between NJ and MA, and building direct loads. She played a key role in establishing a solid carrier base, including Synergy, and managed container logistics from Preferred Everett, ensuring strong customer and facility relationships nationwide.

Stull excels in negotiating fair rates, building relationships with drivers and carriers, and routing efficient schedules to guarantee timely deliveries. Her availability for crisis management and confident decision-making are backed by extensive experience. She values teamwork within the Synergy team, where everyone plays a critical role.

With a background in high school and some college, focusing on Business Law, her professional goals include contributing to Synergy's continued growth and maintaining the company’s integrity towards customers and employees. She also takes pride in her daughter’s involvement in the business, ensuring she gains invaluable, real-world experience.

Outside work, Stull finds solace and relaxation at the ocean and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring local shops in the White Mountains of NH. Her career journey showcases a commitment to the trucking and logistics industry, emphasizing relationship-building, operational efficiency, and a personal touch in professional growth and work-life balance.

Mateusz Buron

My interests in the transportation industry developed in the early 2000’s.

Throughout my junior/senior high school summer breaks I would work with my father at a meat processing plant.

There I have gained knowledge about the distribution part of this business. Once done with school, I worked there full time as a forklift operator. In 2015 I joined the Synergy team to fulfill a forklift position but ended up dispatching. The fast paced environment lured me into making this a career.

Working with Synergy has let me understand the transportation end of the industry. Interacting with our team and customers has enhanced my self-growth to become better both at what I do and as an individual.

I’m detail oriented and strive to learn. During the time off I consider myself an avid outdoorsman. I’m a weekend warrior chasing bass in the summer and trout in the winter.

Mateusz Szaradzinski

My goal is to be on top of things to continue to provide good service and help the team be as effective as possible. I would describe myself as efficient, hardworking, and quick learning. I like to be able to learn quickly and effectively solve problems.

Would like to retire early! That is my life goal now.

When I’m not working, I like to be outdoors, golfing, playing sand volleyball, or hanging out with friends.